More Savings, More Road

Engineered to have low rolling resistance, Ecopia tyres travel further on lesser fuel

combining performance & safety excellence with fuel economy & efficiency

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Bridgestone Ecopia EP200

Bridgestone Ecopia EP200

The revolutionary EP200 sets a new benchmark with Ecopia Compound II, a new compound developed through Bridgestone’s new cutting-edge technology, NanoPro-Tech. Improving performance at a molecular level, the nanotechnology spaces carbon molecules with silica, thereby inhibiting heat generation and energy loss, and allowing you to save on fuel. With improved tread design and square shape shoulder, EP200 leads with significantly improved RRC and uncompromised wet performance.

Performance Summary Diagram

Dry Handling 6
Wet Handling 7
Silence 7
Comfort 7
Wear Life 9
Fuel Efficiency (RRC) 10

Tyre Sizes

18 245/45R18 096V  
17 215/55R17 094V  
  215/50R17 091V  
  225/55R17 097V  
  225/50R17 094V  
16 185/55R16 083V  
  195/60R16 089H  
  205/65R16 095H  
  205/65R16 095V  
  205/60R16 092V  
  205/55R16 091V  
  215/65R16 098V  
  215/60R16 095H  
15 175/65R15 084H  
  185/65R15 088H  
  185/60R15 084V  
  185/55R15 082V  
  195/65R15 091H  
  195/65R15 091V  
  195/60R15 088H  
  195/60R15 088V  
  195/55R15 085V  
14 175/65R14 082H  
  185/70R14 088H  
13 175/70R13 082H